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The short story: THANK YOU!!!

The full-story:

Holding two masters degrees as an engineer and with my husband having his PhD as an attorney, we had every confidence that we would be able to guide our two teens on the best path toward college. But things have changed significantly over the past few decades since we pursued higher education, and after researching everything extensively, we became very concerned. It can be summed up in two familiar words: Information Overload! We have access to so much data that it can be overwhelming trying to determine the most credible sources, the best published opportunities, and most especially what is the right match for each of our children who happen to have very different interests and goals.

That’s when we discovered the College Savvy Coach. With 20 years of experience in Education, Ms. Knight had the credentials and proven record of success to deliver all of the best resources to us. It was a huge relief to watch her interview our children and then tailor a custom plan for each of them. We gained overall insights and specific actionable steps. We connected with her College Savvy community forum as well, so that we can continue the dialogue with other parents all guided by Ms. Knight’s instruction. Over the years we’ve invested in cotillion/etiquette classes, music, sports, and civic groups so that our kids are well-rounded and ready for college and for life. I didn’t go online then try to teach my son martial arts myself. I’m not the expert in that field, so that would be silly. I didn’t buy myself dance slippers then try to teach my daughter ballroom dancing. I enrolled her in cotillion and left that to the professionals. Preparing for college is no different. Investing now in the College Savvy College was our missing piece. Now we’re completely confident that we’re making the right choices in balancing academic with extra-curricular activities as well as taking many other steps that we didn’t realize were important for our up and coming millennials.

-From the whole Huff family, thank you College Savvy Coach!


Thank you for all your expertise and help. Because of you, I haven’t “brought harm” to my senior. We meet each weekend for a few hours and cover action items needed for college. I’ve come to value these times, though stressful at times, because I realize this time next year, her room will be empty and she’ll be away at college, God willing. May God bless you Sia.”

-Sheila Jones, parent of 12th grader


“Hey good people, I am not a mom but I am a very proud big cousin. My little cousins are college bound in the next 3 to 4 years. I am so glad I found Sia.”

-Kenya Cummings, Life Coach


” Your College Prep Workshop was interesting, fun and interactive!!! My students learned a lot. Two of the participants are starting college in the fall and they couldn’t stop talking about how helpful your presentation was. Thank you Sia!”

– Shelvee Casey, founder and president of the Youth Legacy Program


“I’ve never seen so many ninth graders mesmerized! As long as I am in charge of our freshman transition program, you have an open invitation to be the keynote speaker.”

– Matthew S. Murray, Professional School Counselor, 25 year veteran


“The presentation was amazingly well-put together. I loved the group interaction”

-Bili S., 8th grader, Washington D.C.