I’m Changing Everything

I’m Ready to Punch Fear in the Face



As you know, I have been The College Savvy Coach for the last several years. I love helping parents get their students to and through college.
In light of recent events, I’ve taken a personal and professional inventory and decided that it is time for a transition.  It’s time for me to make a bold move.  I am pivoting my business by helping families in a way that make my services much more attainable.I’m pushing fear aside to announce that I’ve partnered with a mobile app developer and together we have created College Bound Parenting.  What I love about this collaboration is that it involves more than a handy college prep tool; it symbolizes a movement.  Our mission is to educate parents about the college admissions process in a way that empowers families, informs decision-making and provides a forum for collective knowledge and resources.  In other words, College Bound Parenting provides an opportunity for us to lift each other up and also provides a vehicle to propel us all forward.

If you are the parent of a college bound middle school or high school student, the new mobile app, College Bound Parenting, is a “must-have”!

College Bound Parenting App Features:

  • College Prep Reminders and Push Notifications
  • College Planning Checklist
  • Podcast Series
    • Hosted by Sia Knight, The College Savvy Coach
  • Community Chat
  • Scholarship Search
  • Pre-College / Summer Programs
  • Test Prep Resources
  • College Search

When a parent downloads our app, s/he also gets access to a private Facebook community, monthly conference calls and the collective wisdom of the entire College Bound Parenting community.  What I love most of all is that, at $4.99, this mobile app is an affordable alternative to the private coaching that I provide as The College Savvy Coach.

“Sia, this sounds great!  What can I do to help?”  I’m glad you asked.☺   I only need you to do two things:

1. Download the College Bound Parenting app (Available in iTunes and in the Google Play Store. Thank you for your support!) and

2. Go to the bottom right-hand corner of the app’s Home Screen and click Share App.  From there you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or e-mail. Instead of choosing from these platforms, how about sharing the app with all of them?

Don’t let this ruin Thanksgiving (or any other holiday)…

Don’t let this ruin Thanksgiving (or any other holiday)

By Thanksgiving, only 18% of high school seniors have completed their college applications with January 1st deadlines!

Has your senior procrastinated on college applications and/or essays?
Get professional help from me.
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As the College Savvy Coach, Sia Knight helps busy families plan, prepare and pay for college.  For more information about how to work with her, go to : bit.ly/WorkWithSia .