I’m Changing Everything

I’m Ready to Punch Fear in the Face



As you know, I have been The College Savvy Coach for the last several years. I love helping parents get their students to and through college.
In light of recent events, I’ve taken a personal and professional inventory and decided that it is time for a transition.  It’s time for me to make a bold move.  I am pivoting my business by helping families in a way that make my services much more attainable.I’m pushing fear aside to announce that I’ve partnered with a mobile app developer and together we have created College Bound Parenting.  What I love about this collaboration is that it involves more than a handy college prep tool; it symbolizes a movement.  Our mission is to educate parents about the college admissions process in a way that empowers families, informs decision-making and provides a forum for collective knowledge and resources.  In other words, College Bound Parenting provides an opportunity for us to lift each other up and also provides a vehicle to propel us all forward.

If you are the parent of a college bound middle school or high school student, the new mobile app, College Bound Parenting, is a “must-have”!

College Bound Parenting App Features:

  • College Prep Reminders and Push Notifications
  • College Planning Checklist
  • Podcast Series
    • Hosted by Sia Knight, The College Savvy Coach
  • Community Chat
  • Scholarship Search
  • Pre-College / Summer Programs
  • Test Prep Resources
  • College Search

When a parent downloads our app, s/he also gets access to a private Facebook community, monthly conference calls and the collective wisdom of the entire College Bound Parenting community.  What I love most of all is that, at $4.99, this mobile app is an affordable alternative to the private coaching that I provide as The College Savvy Coach.

“Sia, this sounds great!  What can I do to help?”  I’m glad you asked.☺   I only need you to do two things:

1. Download the College Bound Parenting app (Available in iTunes and in the Google Play Store. Thank you for your support!) and

2. Go to the bottom right-hand corner of the app’s Home Screen and click Share App.  From there you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or e-mail. Instead of choosing from these platforms, how about sharing the app with all of them?

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