I want to accomplish this before I die…

Before I Die


I was recently challenged to answer the following question – “What do I want to accomplish before I die?”
Immediately, my thoughts went to my children –

Before I die I want to make sure that my children are both financially and emotionally secure. I want to create a life for myself that models for them how to be happy, healthy and fearless. I want to leave a legacy that causes other people to remember me and smile.

Interestingly enough, this exercise has led me to think about my work as The College Savvy Coach. I am not unique. Every mother that I have ever met wants the best for her children. I am so fortunate that I am able to help women set their children up for success in college and beyond.

One way that I serve my tribe is through the Facebook group – College Savvy Moms. Join today to become a member of a safe space where we ask questions, get advice and share frustrations about getting our kids to and through college.

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