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Sia Knight

The College Savvy Coach - Sia Knight

A Redesigned SAT Will Debut In Spring 2016

The College Board, who administers the SAT, announced earlier this year they are giving the exam a major overhaul and cite eight specific changes.


Here is a primer on how the SAT is changing.  I also wrote an article about this a few months ago.  You can find it here:

12th Grade Checklists | Federal Student Aid

For both students and parents, 12th grade is the time to apply for scholarships, fill out the FAFSA, learn about tax benefits for education and take standardized tests if you haven’t already.


For high school seniors: here is a great comprehensive checklist that will help you stay on track for federal student aid.

In a previous article, I offered suggestions on how students can maximize their chances of winning scholarships.  You can find that piece here:

What to Know Before Starting SAT, ACT Prep

Understand the format, subject and scoring of each test before settling on a college entrance exam.


This is a great article that outlines what students should consider before registering for a college admissions test.  One important factor is when to test.  I discussed this topic in a previous article that; can be found here:

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