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The College Savvy Coach - Sia Knight

End-of-Year Mistakes to Avoid for High School Juniors, Seniors

During the final weeks of the school year, many students find their attention to detail and commitment to their studies waning as their attention turns to the upcoming summer vacation. This can be especially true for high school juniors and seniors, and the consequences of such end-of-year slips can be disastrous for both groups.

The Extracurricular Edge: Preparing Students for College, College Guidance , and Extracurricular Activity

You know that there is more than meets the eye to the admissions game, and you want to give your students any edge you can. Admissions officers know that what potential students do with their time outside of school reveals important personal dimensions that statistics can’t show.

Stanford’s spin on the college application

Stanford University has a different take on what currently consumes high schoolers’ lives: the college application. The prestigious, highly selective private Ivy League university in Palo Alto, California is known for its low acceptance rates–this year hit a record low 5.05% of applicants admitted (42,487 applicants applied, 1,402 seniors were accepted for the class of 2019). On a campus tour over spring break, an admissions officer gave us the low-down of the components the university is looking for and exactly how important each part is. With red-capped mission-style buildings lining a quad-shaped courtyard and a gorgeous church decorated with stained glass windows, the bicycle-friendly campus is nothing short of beautiful. We sat inside a cabin-like building, where just a couple of …

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