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Sia Knight

The College Savvy Coach - Sia Knight

How to Plan Four Years in High School for College Prep?

Whether your child is heading off to public school, private school or even if they are home-schooled? Planning four in high schools for college can be challenging. It’s one of the biggest questions in the mind of parents or students. It’s very essential that parents should prepare or educate their child academically to prepare them for college. Before your child begins home-schooling, you and your child should plan out, what your child needs to cover over the next four years. Indeed, they should start planning & preparing for college before their freshman year. One of the best ways to get started is to develop a systematic four year academic plan by including kind of courses that best suited for your college preparation. Moreover, a guidance counselor can also help you in course selection according to your knowledge & skills.


College planning is a four year process. Don’t wait to get started.

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