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Sia Knight

The College Savvy Coach - Sia Knight

7 Helpful Study Apps For GRE, LSAT And GMAT Preparation

Among standardized tests required for admission into various higher educational institutions, the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) measures verbal ability, quantitative reasoning skills, critical thinking ability and analytical writing skills and…


Here are great resources to help you prepare for standardized tests.

The One Thing I Forgot to Say on TV!

I was fortunate to be a guest on the local television talk show, “Let’s Talk Live”. During the segment, I easily answered the host’s questions about  important factors in college admission.  I spoke about grades, recommendations, test scores and the importance of maintaining a clean online presence.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to admissions testing, it was time to wrap the segment.  Watch below as I left out a very important college admissions factor :

Sia Knight

Sia Knight Explains What College are Looking For



5 Reasons Why Social Media Prep Must Be Part of the College Planning Process

Social Assurity has written extensively on the topic of social media’s
growing influence over college admissions decisions. Our core belief is
that social media preparation should be a key part of the college planning
process. Rising high school juniors and seniors should dedicate time this
summer to work on optimizing their social media profiles to create
compelling content accurately reflecting their activities, interests and
accomplishments. Here are 5 reasons why:  

Reason #1: Admissi


This is great advice for college-bound students.  It echoes what I mentioned in an article about how students must manage their digital footprint .

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